joanjazzz - Joan Lee 6 days ago

Howard always says he doesn’t like to adopt out to families with kids cuz they’re too rough with the cats, but I bet he’s happy with the love these kitties are getting and giving! Love your family!!

healthymodessa - MelJ 6 days ago

My grandma, who recently passed away, was a huge animal lover, and she especially loved cats. At her memorial, we ran a slideshow of photos from throughout her life. In nearly every single pic, she's holding a cat. It was both hilarious and touching.💕

thekoani - 6 days ago

Here she looks like her elder sister 💖💖💖 Your daughters are cute now and will be very beautiful young ladies

mozzykat - Michelle Katt 6 days ago

This is the best ig account, i love all 4 of your babies they always put a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing ❤

t_rho - Rhoda Tsiamouros 1 week ago

Awwww can we say she’s taking after her momma??hmmm..and everyone else that follows you? 😂😂❤️❤️