joeschm35858611 - Joe 5 days ago

Guy gets out of car to escape cops lack of trigger discipline and almost gets shot anyway 🤣😂

joeschm35858611 - Joe 3 days ago

@my_soul_iz_black When overzealous fucktards in a costume start shooting at person that they made flee with total disregard to where the rounds they are putting downrange are headed they have become enemies. Dumb fucks even had each other in a crossfire. Only 'people' he ran down were the pigs who were chasing him for probably changing lanes without signaling. Now go ask your mom to make you a PBJ.

sven762 - Sven 5 days ago

I like how dude Left his old lady in the car to deal with it on her own

henrysteine - Henry 2 days ago

Tbh I thought this was a movie at first you know before they do the cgi and all that

cphero - 4 days ago

They was going to shoot the wrong guy....